Call for Applications for «Youth Ambassadors»

Call for Applications for «Youth Ambassadors»

Are you a youth between 15-35 years old?

Interested in Youth policies at local and European level?

Do you want to play an active role in decision-making process?

Do you want your voice to be heard and have the opportunity to travel abroad and meet other young people?

Then don’t hesitate to apply for the Youth Ambassadors Team!


The Cyprus Youth Council, as the only platform of representation of non-governmental youth organizations in Cyprus and as the chair of the National Working Group for Structured Dialogue, will continue the successful institution of the Team «Youth Ambassadors» by choosing new members.

Objectives of the Group

The new Group «Youth Ambassadors » is open to all young people of Cyprus, regardless of ethnic origin and social background, striving for more active participation of youth in public life with emphasis on Structured Dialogue.

It also aims to enhance knowledge about the EU, the development of social and leadership skills and guidance and empowerment of young people to act more autonomously within the Structured Dialogue.

The Action of the Group

The action of the «Youth Ambassadors» will mainly focus both on active and more participatory implementation of Structured Dialogue with young people, as well as the greater social participation of young people through capacity building and entertaining training activities, meetings and conferences that are designed using non-formal education methods.

The selected Youth Ambassadors should be able to take part in all of the group’s activities throughout the process. Their mandate will last from 2017 to 2018. Among other activities, the Youth Ambassadors should be able to organize consultations within the framework of the Structured Dialogue, to report on the progress of the process, to communicate and share the activities of the team, be active at local and national level, to present the process (if necessary) to youth and to represent Cyprus at European and National level.

Who can apply?

All Cypriot Youth between 15-35 years are eligible for participating in the Team by expressing their interested until Friday 23th June in the following the link:

Contact Information: and 22878316