EU Youth Conference in Zagreb, Croatia

EU Youth Conference in Zagreb, Croatia


The 7th Cycle of EU Youth Dialogue ended last week, with the EU Youth Conference in Zagreb, Croatia, that took place between 9-11 March.

The conference focused on the EU Youth Goals 6 & 7 & 8 (Moving Rural Youth Forward,Quality Employment for All and Quality Learning).

It specifically addressed demographic challenges for the EU, with a focus on young people in rural and remote areas and looked at ways in which to empower them and improve their quality of life through employment, education and political participation.

The conference concluded with the handover of the presidency of the Council of the European Union to the German delegation.

Germany will oversee the 8th Cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue, which will focus on Youth Goal #9 “Space and Participation for All,” which aims to strengthen young people’s democratic participation and autonomy, as well as provide dedicated youth spaces in all areas of society.

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